- Step/Direction for Linear Servo amplifier adapter
- Turns your analog amp into a closed loop Step/Dir amp compatible with MACH3
- 32 bit PID control with 16 bit RISC processor
- Differential +- 10 volt analog output
- Differential and Single ended Encoder inputs .
- Differential Current sense input for sensing motor load
- Velocity Feed-forward for low error
- Warning output signals excessive motor load (slow down)
- Fault output signals drive has tripped
- Opto isolated Step and Direction inputs
- 2,4,8 step multiplier (or any size)
- Settings are programmable by RS232
- All connectors included
- 60 Day warrantee
- Easy tuning with our ViperTune software
Download Manual Here

Larken's new Step/dir to analog adapter lets you run most Linear amplifiers (AMC, Galil, GlenTek, etc) from all step and direction software such as Mach3 , TurboCNC, Smooth-stepper etc.
Note: The Step2lin is for controlling servo motors for the XYZ motion control. It can be used for closed loop control of a spindle using a servo amplifier and encoder, but is not for basic control of a spindle using a 0-10 volt VFD drive or inverter or openloop control .
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