Viper 200 DC Servo-motor Drive


Viper 200 - 170Volts, 25 Amps



Larken's new Viper Servo drive is the most advanced Step-servo drive available. They are compatible with all step and direction software such as Mach3 , TurboCNC, Smooth-stepper etc.

This Smooth, Silent high speed drive is ideal for Milling Machine and Lathe retrofits and Large CNC router and Plasma tables running large size Nema 34 ,42 and 56 motors.The drive has a isolated power and control sections for eliminating ground problems.

All Viper drives have a have a 60 Day money back satisfaction Guarantee. 


Full featured Industrial quality DC servodrive

  • Recommended for Nema 34 42 and 56 motors
  • 42 amps peak current, 25Amps continuous
  • 32 bit PID control with 16 bit RISC processor
  • Velocity Feed-forward for low error
  • Warning output signals excessive motor load (slow down)
  • Fault output signals drive has tripped
  • Store up to 3motor configurations, Selectable by jumpers
  • Opto isolated Step andDirection inputs
  • Opto isolated Control and Power sections
  • Onboard fuse (protect motor and for saftey)
  • 2,4,8 step multiplier (or any size)
  • Settings are programmable by RS232
  • Replaceable Power Mosfets and drivers
  • Efficient Connector Layout for easy Field service.
  • Flat or Edge cardtype mounting
  • 6061 aluminum heatsink base
  • 60 Day warrantee

There are a number of Step-servo drives on the market today. Most of these drives are lacking features that are necessary for a reliable servo system that warns the control software that the motor is pushing too hard or over its limit. Instead these drives either Fault and remove power to the motor, causeing an uncontrolled motor, or fail to stop the controller at all (open loop).

The Viper drive has features such as soft error fault that will warn the controller to stop, if the motor is pushing too hard. Also a hard error trip-point can also be set to disable the motor if a severe over-current is detected. Other features are programable error warning range, setable from +-64 counts to +-2000 counts.

Viper drives have all the features that you need such as Differential encoder input for noise free operation on long cables, on board replaceable fuse, easy to interface error output, and a smooth silent control.

No more settleing for economy drives that can only run low resolution encoders and dither and whine when they are holding.

All viper drives are repairable. The Viper uses socketed driver chips for ease of replacement. Cheaper drives with Surface-mount drivers cannot be repaired.

Viper 200
Control loop type 32 bit PID    
Error lock range Programable 64-2000    
Over-current warning output (non fatal) Yes    
Position error warning output (non fatal) Yes    
Over current shutdown output (fatal) Yes    
Output for remote error LED Yes    
Multiple configurations stored Yes, 3 configurations    
Programable sample loop time Yes    
On board Fuse Yes    
Replaceable drivers and MosFets Yes    
Differential Encoder input Yes    
Feed Forward parameter Yes    
Maximum recomended encoder cnts 10,000    
Separate voltage regulator for Encoder Yes 250 mA    
Voltage range 25-100 volts    
Output device 60 amp 250 volt MosFet    
Main capacitor size 680 uF 100v    
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